How Much Do Cyber Security Jobs Pay?

How much do cyber security jobs pay? To give you a quick answer, the average cyber security job pays $120,000 per year, which works out to $57.69 per hour.1

The lower end of the scale is said to be around $90,000, while some earn upwards of $165,000 per year.1

How Much Do Cyber Security Jobs Pay?

Different cyber security jobs and roles come with different average annual salaries.

For example, the salary for a digital forensics specialist can average $81,680 a year, a security engineer can take home around $125,000 per year on average1, while a security trainer earns just under $50,000 annually.2

(Chart) How Much Do Cyber Security Jobs Pay?

How Much Can You Earn from Entry-level Cyber Security Jobs?

Due to the high demand for talented cyber security professionals and the relatively low supply, even entry-level jobs in this sector offer extremely competitive salaries.

The average entry-level Cyber Security wage is currently $98,879, with a range between $85,000 and $111,000.4

What factors can impact how much you earn in Cyber Security?

There are a number of factors that can impact your annual salary in a cyber security job.

There are definitely ways you can maximize your potential earnings by paying attention to these factors:5

  1. The job’s location
  2. Your education
  3. Your skills and experience
  4. Your certifications
  5. Your job responsibilities
  6. Your performance
  7. The industry you work in

What are the top-paying Cyber Security industries?

Some industries pay more than others due to the high demand for skilled cyber security workers. Currently, some of the highest paying industries include:6

  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Technology organizations
  • Search engines
  • Information services
  • Computer manufacturing
  • Video industries
  • Motor vehicle manufacturing
  • Government agencies
  • Manufacturing industries

What Are the Highest Paying Companies for Cyber Security Professionals?

It comes as no surprise that some of the Fortune 500 companies are the highest payers when it comes to Cyber Security roles.

For example, Symantec offers an average of $185,000 for Cyber Security Engineers. Even places like Amazon, Fortinet, Radware, KPMG, Imperva, SecureWorks, Carbon Black, Rapid 7, Apple, Facebook, and Google all exceed $100,000.6

Are Cyber Security Professionals in High Demand?

The demand for security professionals has been increasing at a steady pace for many years now.

The BLS projects that the employment of information security analysts will grow by 32% from 2018 to 2028.7

This demand is driven by the growing frequency of cyber threats and attacks, as well as the need for companies to adopt newer, more effective measures of protection against these threats.


With the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, the demand for skilled professionals in the Cyber Security field is on the rise.

This demand translates into competitive salaries and lucrative career opportunities.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, professionals in this industry will remain integral to the protection of data and digital infrastructures.

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