Is Cybersecurity Stressful?

Absolutely! Cybersecurity can be very stressful!

It’s common for people in cybersecurity to burnout quickly.

So much so, that a Heidrick and Struggles study showed that stress is the most dangerous personal factor affecting CISOs.

The second most dangerous factor was burnout.

Is Cybersecurity Stressful

You’ve probably all experienced burnout at some point. Once you’ve reached this point, you’re pretty much cooked!

But, is cybersecurity stressful for most professionals?

If you’re an average cybersecurity professional, does that make it better?

Not at all!

An astounding 55% of cybersecurity professionals felt stress at least 50% of the time!

If that’s the case, why work in cybersecurity if it’s so stressful?

Not to give you the wrong idea. Most cyber professionals are very dedicated to their jobs!

But if they had to leave, stress would be the number one reason for doing so.

Followed by the frustration that comes with companies that don’t take cyber seriously.

If Cybersecurity Professionals Had To Leave
Source: TechTarget

Funny enough, you can see that only 10% thought a career in cybersecurity was actually hard!

If Cybersecurity Professionals Had To Leave Pic 2
Source: TechTarget

Okay then, what’s the most stressful part of cybersecurity?

Surprise! It’s not getting yelled at for doing your job badly…that’s #6 on the list.

In reality, the most stressful aspect of cybersecurity is the amount of work on your plate!

Aspects of Cybersecurity Stress
Source: TechTarget

But why does cybersecurity have an overwhelming workload?

The simple truth…

Though every company needs security, there just aren’t enough qualified workers.

And the fact is, that companies are trying to do more with less.

This is clearly causing problems.

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Impact Question #1
Source: TechTarget

And it’s getting worse!

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Impact Question #2
Source: TechTarget

As a result?

More work is piled on to the existing workforce, leading to more stress!

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What Do You Think?

Is cybersecurity stressful?

Do you have a cybersecurity job that’s not stressful?

Do you have a cyber job that’s very stressful?

Or are there other things that contribute to your job stress?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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